Who Uses Flexible Printed Circuit Boards?

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As electronics and most other consumer items get smaller in size, flexible printed circuit boards are projected to rise in importance. The reason they are not yet widely popular among manufacturers is because many electronic product developers are unaware of their significant benefits. Hence, flex circuits only make up about 15% of the global printed circuit market today.

Flexible Printed Circuit Board Users

Today, flex circuits are found in electronic components for diverse applications including:


Consumer electronics including smartphones, SLR cameras and camcorders,

Medical systems and devices such as heart monitors, pacemakers and the bionic knee

Motion systems

GPS systems

Aerospace and avionics systems


Satellites like the Nano satellites developed by NASA

Semiconductor industry

It is time now for more product design engineers and manufacturers to recognize the advantages of flexible printed circuit boards which are manufactured in much the same way as their rigid counterparts. Although flex circuits are a little more tedious at high layer counts, they are typically more cost-effective for a number of reasons.

Advantages of Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

Simplify system design and reduce production cost

Solve packaging problems, especially in smaller products with tight designs as well as improve internal appearance

Offer considerable weight reduction when compared to wire harnesses

Enhanced flexibility and lighter weight help absorb and reduce vibrations

Increase reliability as little or no wiring reduces the risk of connection failure

Being resistant to water, moisture, shock, high temperatures and corrosion, they can be used in harsh environments

Flexible printed circuit boards are the answer to engineers’ wish for greater flexibility and stretch. They can bend and wrap around small or unconventional areas that rigid PCBs cannot.

Our PCB Assembly Services Can Improve Your Cost-Efficiency

Power Design offers high-quality single and double-sided flexible printed circuit boards for diverse applications. Our turnkey solutions cover your project requirements right from initial design to PCB design layout review to manufacture/assembly and warehousing. Industries such as medical devices, aerospace, semiconductor testing and manufacturing equipment, telecommunications and industrial equipment, depend on our expertise for fast and efficient product development.

Ask us for custom flexible PCB services to improve manufacturability and product performance. Our team will work closely with you to design and manufacture high-performance, cost-effective, flexible printed circuit boards.

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