About Us

Ruiyien Commerce and Trade Co.,Ltd was established in 2008, with more than 500 employees. It is dedicated to the processing and circuit manufacturing technology of flexible circuit boards and hard-and-soft combination boards. Special high-tech equipment and R&D experience have realized the integrated supply services of device-material analysis, product process control and evaluation, manufacturing and processing, FPC-PCBA-product evaluation and verification, and created the special competitiveness of enterprises.

The company is committed to the terminal areas of tablet/computer, keyboard, battery module, smart wearing equipment, POS machine, medical equipment, backlight, mobile phone fingerprint camera and so on. It provides high-precision golden finger, composite pore, special pressing, BGA, characteristic impedance, blind buried hole, device-material embedding, COB&COF and so on, with multi-layer soft board-hard board and ultra-thin hard board as the leading product types. Special technology. Breakthrough circuit hardware optimization - EMC design, to provide optimization solutions for product manufacturability.


We have excellent management team to promote the efficient operation and continuous improvement of enterprises; experienced professional technical team to provide effective solutions to circuit manufacturing technology; strict quality team to achieve product quality assurance.

Our factory strictly implemented ISO 9001:14001 international standard quality management system.We focus on R&D, producing and promotion, we provide samples and mass production, rapid delivery and best services to customers worldwide. Currently, our products have been sold in USA, Germany, UK, France, Japan and other countries.

We are here ready to help on your next FPC & Rigid Flex PCB projects!Why do you not send inquiry to me?!!! I think there is no reason for you to lose such a good supplier.